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The Young Step-Mother, Charlotte M. Yonge ’ ‘Yes, he was exceedingly struck with Maurice’s spirit,’ said Mr. Kendal, who, when the fright and anger were over, could begin to be proud of the exploit. ‘They fraternized at once,’ said Mr. Ferrars. ‘Maurice imparted that his name was Maurice Ferrars Kendal, and Ulick, in all good faith and Irish simplicity, discovered that they were cousins!’ ‘Oh! Edmund, he must come to the christening dinner!’ ‘Mind,’ said Maurice, ‘you, know he is not even my wife’s cousin; only nephew to her second cousin’s husband.’ ‘For shame, Maurice, cousin is that cousinly does!’ ‘Very well, only don’t tell the aunts that Winifred saddled all the O’Mores upon you.’ ‘Not an O’More but should be welcome for his sake!’ ‘Nor an Irishman,’ said Mr. Ferrars. Albinia suffered so much from the shock, that she could not make her appearance till noon on the following day. Then, after sitting a little while in the old study, to hear that grandmamma had not been able to sleep all night for thinking of Maurice’s danger, and being told some terrible stories of accidents with horses, she felt one duty done, and moved on to the drawing-room in search of her brother.


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