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Chantry House, Charlotte M. Yonge When he had deposited Miss Newton at her own door, he whispered thanks, and an entreaty for her prayers. And then he went home, and fought the battle of his life, with his own horrible dread of Mr. Castleford’s disappointment; of possible prosecution; of the shame at home; the misery of a life a second time blighted. He fought it out on his knees, many a time persuading himself that flight would not be a sin, then returning to the sense that it was a temptation of his worse self to be overcome. And by morning he knew that it would be a surrender of himself to his lower nature, and the evil spirit behind it; while, by facing the worst that could befall him, he would be falling into the hand of the Lord. CHAPTER XXIV. AFTER THE TEMPEST. ‘Nor deem the irrevocable past As wholly wasted, wholly vain, If rising on its wrecks at last To something nobler we attain.’ LONGFELLOW. ALL the rest of the family were out, and I was relieved by being alone with my distress, not forced to hide it, when the door opened and ‘Mr. Castleford’ was announced. After one moment’s look at me, one touch of my hand, he must have seen that I was faint with anxiety, and said, ‘It is all right, Edward; I see you know all. I am come from Bristol to tell your father that he may be proud of his son Clarence.


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