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Rewards and Fairies, Rudyard Kipling As I said, the strong way he laid it all before ‘em blasted ‘em, and when he’d done it was like a still in the woods after a storm. A little man--but they all looked little--pipes up like a young rook in a blowed-down nest, Nevertheless, General, it seems you will be compelled to fight England. Quick Big Hand wheeled on him, And is there anything in my past which makes you think I am averse to fighting Great Britain? ‘Everybody laughed except him. Oh, General, you mistake us entirely! they says. I trust so, he says. But I know my duty. We must have peace with England. ‘ At any price? says the man with the rook’s voice. ‘ At any price, says he, word by word. Our ships will be searched--our citizens will be pressed, but-- ‘ Then what about the Declaration of Independence? says one. ‘ Deal with facts, not fancies, says Big Hand. The United States are in no position to fight England. ‘ But think of public opinion, another one starts up. The feeling in Philadelphia alone is at fever heat. ‘He held up one of his big hands. Gentlemen, he says--slow he spoke, but his voice carried far-- I have to think of our country. Let me assure you that the treaty with Great Britain will be made though every city in the Union burn me in effigy. ‘ At any price? the actor-like chap keeps on croaking.


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