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The Young Book Agent, Horatio Alger “I’m too tired to do it to-night.” In the morning the hotel man took him into the office, and pointed to a row of volumes on a top shelf. All were covered with dust and cobwebs. “Before I look at them I want to know what you want for them,” said Frank. “Make an offer.” “No; I prefer to have you set your own price.” “Then make it ten dollars.” “Why, I only paid five for all those other books.” “Is that so?” “Yes; and here is the receipt.” “Hum! Then I’ll let you have this lot for the same price.” “Make it three dollars and I’ll see if I can use them.” The hotel keeper consented after some talking, and Frank dusted off the books, and began to examine them. The majority were of small value, but he saw several he fancied might bring in some money. “I’ll risk taking them,” he said, at last. “I’ll pay you now, and take them away when I take the others.” “All right, Hardy. But you can’t leave them here too long, or I’ll make you pay storage,” returned the hotel keeper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER XVII A CURIOUS HAPPENING THE following week was a busy one for the young book agent. He spent one day in collecting all the old books he had bought, and sent them to his home, where they were stored in a vacant bedroom, which was thus turned into what the family called “Frank’s bookery.


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