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The Two Sides of the Shield, Charlotte M. Yonge ’ ‘Yes, she does,’ said Dolores, shaking her comforter off; ‘you all do! I wish I had never come here.’ Mysie tried in her own persevering way to argue again that Val was only put out, and disappointed at having to turn back, to which Valetta, in spite of Gillian’s endeavour to silence her, added, ‘So stupid of her to come out! What did she do it for?’ Dolores, who hardly ever cried, was tired into crying now. ‘You grudge me everything; you wouldn’t let me speak one single word to Uncle Regie, and kept bothering about! I’ll never do anything with you again! I won’t.’ ‘Did you want to speak to Uncle Regie?’ asked Mysie. ‘To be sure I did! He is my uncle, that I knew ever so long before you did, and you never let him speak to me.’ ‘Mrs. Halfpenny always put us on the high chair, with our faces to the wall when we were jealous,’ remarked Valetta. ‘But did you want to say anything to him in particular?’ said Mysie, revolving means of contriving a private interview. ‘That’s no business of yours! I wish you would let me alone!’ broke out Dolores, in a fretful fright lest any one should guess that she had anything on her mind. ‘To make up stories of us, of course,’ growled Valetta, but Gillian here interposed, declaring with authority that if she heard another word before they reached the paddock gate, she should certainly tell mother how disgracefully they had been behaving. When Gillian said such things she kept her word. Besides, by way of precaution, she marched down the muddy middle of the road, with Dolores limping along the footpath on one side, and Val as far off as possible on the border of the ditch, on the other; the more inoffensive Mysie keeping by her side.


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