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Night and Morning, Complete, Edward Bulwer-Lytton The HOUR and the CIRCUMSTANCE had seized their prey; and the self-defence, which a lawless career rendered a necessity, left the eternal die of blood upon his doom! Friends, I have saved you, said Gawtrey, slowly gazing on the corpse of his second victim, while he turned the pistol to his belt. I have not quailed before this man’s eye (and he spurned the clay of the officer as he spoke with a revengeful scorn) without treasuring up its aspect in my heart of hearts. I knew him when he entered--knew him through his disguise--yet, faith, it was a clever one! Turn up his face and gaze on him now; he will never terrify us again, unless there be truth in ghosts! Murmuring and tremulous the coiners scrambled on the table and examined the dead man. From this task Gawtrey interrupted them, for his quick eye detected, with the pistols under the policeman’s blouse, a whistle of metal of curious construction, and he conjectured at once that danger was at hand. I have saved you, I say, but only for the hour. This deed cannot sleep. See, he had help within call! The police knew where to look for their comrade--we are dispersed. Each for himself. Quick, divide the spoils! Sauve qui peat! Then Morton heard where he sat, his hands still clasped before his face, a confused hubbub of voices, the jingle of money, the scrambling of feet, the creaking of doors. All was silent! A strong grasp drew his hands from his eyes. Your first scene of life against life, said Gawtrey’s voice, which seemed fearfully changed to the ear that heard it.


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