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Beechcroft at Rockstone, Charlotte M. Yonge But that was not all the worry of the day. Miss Mohun had still to confront Lady Rotherwood, and, going as soon as the early dinner was over, found the Marchioness resting after an inspection of houses in Rockquay. She did not like hotels, she said, and she thought the top of the cliff too bleak for Phyllis, so that they must move nearer the sea if the place agreed with her at all, which was doubtful. Miss Mohun was pretty well convinced that the true objection was the neighbourhood of Beechcroft Cottage. She said she had come to give some explanation of what had been said to her sister yesterday. ‘Oh, my dear Jane, Adeline told me all about it yesterday. I am very sorry for you to have had such a charge, but what could you expect of girls cast about as they have been, always with a marching regiment?’ ‘I do not think Mysie has given you any reason to think her ill brought up.’ ‘A little uncouth at first, but that was all. Oh, no! Mysie is a dear little girl. I should be very glad to have her with Phyllis altogether, and so would Rotherwood. But she was very young when Sir Jasper retired.’ ‘And Valetta was younger. Poor little girl! She was naughty, but I do not think she understood the harm of what she was doing.’ Lady Rotherwood smiled. ‘Perhaps not; but she must have been deeply involved, since she was the one amongst all the guilty to be expelled.


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