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The Stokesley Secret, Charlotte M. Yonge ” However, David, partaking the family distrust of Hal’s birds-in-the-bush, and being started on the subject of the hoard, ran up to Sam, who was learning his lessons by way of something to do, and said, “If you go to London, Sam, may I have your sixpence on Monday for the pig?” “I don’t know that I am going.” “But if you do—or we sha’n’t get the pig.” “I don’t care.” “Don’t you care if we don’t get the pig?” “No. Be off with you.” David next betook himself to his eldest sister, who was trying to write to her father, and finding such a letter harder and sadder work than that to Ida Greville, though no one teased her about writing, blots, or spelling. “If you go to London, Susie,” said he, in the very same words, “may I have your sixpence on Monday for the pig?” “Oh, Davie, don’t be tiresome!” David only said it over again in the same words, and put his hand down on her letter in his earnestness. “Come away, Davie,” said Miss Fosbrook; “don’t tease your sister.” “I want her to say I may have her sixpence on Monday for the pig.” “No, you sha’n’t, then,” said Susan angrily; “you care for the nasty pig more than for poor Mamma or anyone else, and you sha’n’t have it.” So seldom did Susan say anything cross, that everyone looked up surprised. Miss Fosbrook saw that it was sheer unhappiness that made her speak sharply, and would not take any notice, except by gently taking away the pertinacious David. He was very much distressed at the refusal; and when Miss Fosbrook told him that his brother and sister could not think of such things when they were in such trouble, he only answered, “But Hannah Higgins won’t get her pig.


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