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The Story of the Gadsby, Rudyard Kipling ) That was a necessary evil and led to you. Are you nothing? MRS. G. Not so very much, am I? CAPT. G. All this world and the next to me. MRS. G. (Very softly.) My boy of boys! Shall I tell you something? CAPT. G. Yes, if it's not dreadful--about other men. MRS. G. It's about my own bad little self. CAPT. G. Then it must be good. Go on, dear. MRS. G. (Slowly.) I don't know why I'm telling you, Pip; but if ever you marry again-(Interlude.) Take your hand from my mouth or I'll bite! In the future, then remember--I don't know quite how to put it! CAPT. G. (Snorting indignantly.) Don't try. “Marry again,” indeed! MRS. G. I must. Listen, my husband. Never, never, never tell your wife anything that you do not wish her to remember and think over all her life. Because a woman--yes, I am a woman--can't forget. CAPT. G. By Jove, how do you know that? MRS. G. (Confusedly.) I don't. I'm only guessing. I am--I was--a silly little girl; but I feel that I know so much, oh, so very much more than you, dearest. To begin with, I'm your wife. CAPT. G. So I have been led to believe. MRS. G. And I shall want to know every one of your secrets--to share everything you know with you. (Stares round desperately.) CAPT. G. So you shall, dear, so you shall--but don't look like that. MRS. G. For your own sake don't stop me, Phil. I shall never talk to you in this way again. You must not tell me! At least, not now. Later on, when I'm an old matron it won't matter, but if you love me, be very good to me now; for this part of my life I shall never forget! Have I made you understand? CAPT.


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