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Heartsease, Charlotte M. Yonge Real high blood and no mistake. And not so high in her manner after all, when one knows how to deal with her.’ ‘She is very kind to me.’ ‘And how long does she stay?’ ‘O, for some time longer. Till August, most likely.’ ‘Why, she will get the command of your house altogether.’ ‘I am very glad to have her here.’ ‘Ah!’ said Albert, looking confidential, ‘you do right to be prudent, but you may trust me, and I should be glad to know that it is more comfortable than last year.’ ‘It never was otherwise,’ said Violet. ‘I hope so,’ said Albert; ‘I honour your prudence, and, after all, you have a handsome establishment,--capital dinners, good turnout. I only wish I could see you look in better spirits.’ Violet started forward and coloured. ‘Albert, don’t take up fancies. I am perfectly happy, and you must believe it. They all pet and spoil me with kindness. If you think me looking poorly to-day it is only from a headache, which Miss Martindale has been nursing so carefully and tenderly.’ ‘Well, you cannot be too cautious if you are to stand well with the family. You do well to be on your guard. Martindale only the second son, and the elder may marry any day. That was one thing I thought I ought to speak to you about. You really should try to get some settlement made on you. You have nothing to depend upon, and, you see, you cannot expect anything from home.’ ‘Do not talk about such things.’ ‘You must not be childish, Violet; I am come as your best friend to give you advice.


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