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The Long Vacation, Charlotte M. Yonge ’ Oh, don’t you know Lear’s poem? Can’t we illustrate it?” “Cherry, Cherry, you’ll be half dead to-morrow.” “Well, if I am, this is the real fun. I shan’t see the destruction.” Lance had her arm in his grip to take her over the bridge over the wall, when up rushed Kitty Varley. “Oh, if Mrs. Grinstead would come and look at our stall and set it right! Miss Vanderkist gave us hopes.” “Perhaps--” “Now, Cherry, don’t you know that you are not to be knocked up! There are the Travises going to bring unlimited Vanderkists.” “Oh yes, I know; but there’s renovation in breaths from Vale Leston, and I really am of some use here.” Her voice really had a gay ring in it. “It is such fun too! Where’s Gerald?” “Having a smoke with the buccaneer captain. Oh, Miss Mohun, here’s my sister, so enamoured of the bazaar I could hardly get her in.” “And oh! she is so clever and delightful. She has made our stall the most enchanting place,” cried Primrose, dancing round. “Mamma, you must come and have it all explained to you.” “The very sight is supposed to be worth a shilling extra,” said General Mohun, while Lady Merrifield and Miss Mohun, taking possession of her, hoped she was not tired; and Gillian, who had been wont to consider her as her private property, began to reprove her sisters for having engrossed her while she herself was occupied in helping the Hendersons with their art stall. “The truth is,” said Lance, “that this is my sister’s first bazaar, and so dear is the work to the female mind, that she can’t help being sucked into the vortex.


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